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  1. nf9 studio has computer-based ProTools and Logic DAW recording as well as 24 track 2-inch analog tape capabilities.

  2. Our audio monitors are among the finest in the world, the Studio Twin6 BE’s from Focal of France. Our control room is extensively tuned for smooth natural sound. Your mix will sound the same in your car or at home as it does here.

  3. We can import your Garage Band, Logic or Pro Tools multi-track project started at home to either ProTools or Logic session formats.

  4. In addition to the vintage Sony 36 channel desk, we have a large library of  professional plug-ins, sampled instruments, loops and sound effects.

  5. If you have a MIDI-tracks based project, we have many hardware and software synthesizers to add new sounds to your project

  6. We provide training for recording techniques on ProTools or Logic

    -Training is available in small classes or as a one-on-one teaching format, to help you do as much of your project as possible at home.

Email: info@noisefloor9.com

Phone1-day: 801-380-4916

Phone2-eve: 801-810-8365

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